Gnat’s Ozark Ramble

As I write this, I am buried in work.  Not caught up on my fall home owner chores. We had our first dinner as our family unit in two weeks and only the second or third in the past 6 weeks.  Life. Is. Nuts.  But…..I find myself energized, inspired and at peace. Why?  Aside from the obvious of my incredible family, I am feeling all … Continue reading Gnat’s Ozark Ramble

A Good Start and a Focused Month

As I wrote in my last post, January 2018 started out in a blur. I am one of those folks that really love to take December to think and January to kick off the new year. I like resolutions that give me direction. I like the challenge. This year, my resolutions are a bit private and not for public consumption. They are personal to me … Continue reading A Good Start and a Focused Month

Dirt in the morning. Dirt in the evening.

If I can ignore just for a moment the why behind how incredible our fall has been, I must say that our warmish and beautiful fall has been a huge boon to my riding. There is nothing I like more than cool riding with wool and knickers, especially when you couple it with autumn colors, cameras, and coffee. Yesterday was one of those days. It … Continue reading Dirt in the morning. Dirt in the evening.