A Day In the Country

I have hit 4 straight weeks of riding early Friday AM. Honestly, since I changed jobs 3 years ago, that is a record. Sad but true. On this day it was glorious. Perfect. Beyond my expectation. Just me, my bike, my friend and the country. We also did the Rawland route in Goodhue County. It is my personal favorite route in the area. It has it all. This day was good for my mind, body and spirit. It showed me I can still put in some good hard miles every now and then. We made quick work of the route and I was back working in no time.

I chose a different path on the images. Even though the sky was perfect blue and the morning sun was warm, I chose to go really harsh blacks and over exposed whites with these images. I liked the clarity in the long shadows.  I may do a second set sometime from this ride in color, but I don’t know. These just worked for me.


OK….I will leave you with final image in color. I don’t usually mix and match but this one really only works in color and it’s works in contrast to these with it’s color explosion.  We earned that blueberry loaf.


Ice Cream, Coffee and a surprise visitor

What a morning. Brought an Ice Cream Truck home from work. Had to get out to ride it and have some coffee outside  before leaving for Chicago.  What a perfect and blessed morning.



As if it were not perfect enough already, while sitting motionless on a rock taking it all in, this guy decided to join me. 


I call That the trifecta and a perfect morning.

Have a great weekend folks. 

A lotta Friday Ride Stoke

My friend John told me last night that he needed a little Friday Ride Stoke to kick this coming week off. So….Given I am in the mountains today I figured I’d share more than one ride stoke from Utah. How about a lotta Friday Ride Stoke? I took these images over the last couple of years.  Ride Stoke On!

Gnat_UtahFRS_12 Gnat_UtahFRS_11 Gnat_UtahFRS_10 Gnat_UtahFRS_9 Gnat_UtahFRS_8 Gnat_UtahFRS_7 Gnat_UtahFRS_6 Gnat_UtahFRS_5 Gnat_UtahFRS_4 Gnat_UtahFRS_3 Gnat_UtahFRS_2

There you go. More to come from Utah in the coming days……