Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

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  • The Mid South Gravel – 2022 Edition

    The Mid South Gravel – 2022 Edition

    Today I am sharing some words and images from the 2022 Mid South gravel bike race & ride. It’s been a few years since I’ve ridden this event. I wish I could entirely blame covid for that but I can’t! I went to Mid South on a mission to ride 1st and take pictures 2nd.…

  • What is a Cycling Photographer?

    What is a Cycling Photographer?

    What is a Cycling Photographer? These 50+ images help define what I believe should be the definition.

  • The power of the bicycle

    The power of the bicycle

    This is a quick photo story of last week’s mini Minnesota Ramble. But the ramble is truly secondary to the deeper meaning of this post. This post is about the power of the bicycle. What you can do with it as well as the power it has bringing people and communities together. Over the course…

  • 2016 Minnesota State CX

    2016 Minnesota State CX

    Needing some creative shutter therapy, I managed to get out to the 2016 Minnesota State CX race yesterday. While it is a two day event with many more races today, I got out yesterday and shot the SS, the 45 Men, 1-2-3 Women and the 1-2 Men. Wow. What a day. Just like clockwork, MN…

  • The Ozark Ramble

    The Ozark Ramble

    Just got back from Arkansas where I met some friends near Bentonville &  Fayettville, Arkansas. It was one of those trips for me that had I listened to reason and done the right thing according to society, I would have stayed home. But I did it. I needed it. Sometimes you just gotta do crazy…