Desert Ramble – Coffee Outside Extended

Glenn was the instigator and carried a grinder and enough beans for all of us!

Ok…Now I am just having some fun with pics. Many of you know I love coffee. Turns out others do too and thanks to Glenn, we had a grinder and several of us carried fresh beans. It was a ramble so why not have  a little luxury. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite coffee related shots from last week. Here’s to coffee outside.

GNAT_DesertRamble_CoffeeOUtside_8 GNAT_DesertRamble_CoffeeOUtside_7 GNAT_DesertRamble_CoffeeOUtside_5 GNAT_DesertRamble_CoffeeOUtside_4 GNAT_DesertRamble_CoffeeOUtside_3 GNAT_DesertRamble_CoffeeOUtside_2 GNAT_DesertRamble_CoffeeOUtside_1

I so love coffee outside!

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