Iceland – First 10 Images

I have spent the last several hours processing images from my recent winter wonderland, Ring Road tour of Iceland  I’ll be honest, I did not think I was going to get good images considering that on day two, my main camera decided to stop working (later resolved and story to come).  But I got some images I really love. These images aren’t exactly the traditional … Continue reading Iceland – First 10 Images

Seeing through the layers

So I snuck out on the Fathers’s Day for a sunrise ride. I wanted time in the country. I wanted to see the sunrise. I wanted to not share the road with cars. I wanted peace. I wanted silence.  Thankfully, I got all those things. As I rode one of my favorite routes, my mind did not feel free. Constant thoughts of work. Constant thoughts … Continue reading Seeing through the layers

An It’s Not Winter Yet Gravel Ride

Can’t believe I am writing this, but I got out on a gravel ride today. Usually at this time of year I am fat bike river rambling on snow and ice in the Minnesota River Valley.  Not today. I woke up, saw the fog, had coffee and breakfast and hit the road with my Salsa Cycles Deadwood, unlearnpavement style! What a ride. One of my … Continue reading An It’s Not Winter Yet Gravel Ride

Fargo Reunion Ride Portraits and Pics

I had the best of days yesterday. It was my birthday and I had the privilege of spending the day with my three favorite things; my family, my friends and my bicycle. Honestly, it may have been my best birthday ever. So….Let me first share with you a few pics I am excited about. If you have been following here for a while, you know … Continue reading Fargo Reunion Ride Portraits and Pics