A Good Start and a Focused Month

As I wrote in my last post, January 2018 started out in a blur. I am one of those folks that really love to take December to think and January to kick off the new year. I like resolutions that give me direction. I like the challenge.

This year, my resolutions are a bit private and not for public consumption. They are personal to me and for me. But they involve living life. Removing burdens. Simplification. Focus.

And with that, here are pics from the month. All taken at either 28mm or 90mm.  My two favorite focal lengths. The lengths I will likely shoot more than any in 2018.  They just work for me.

As I head into February 2018, I feel good and refreshed on the year. I feel like I am making changes that are positively impacting me and those around me. Stoked.

So here are some pics in no particular order. Please click any picture to go to slideshow mode.  Enjoy!

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