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MN River Crawling

I finally have come out of my desert rambling dream and accepted that I am in Minnesota and I need to both prepare and embrace the next several months of winter. As a break in, my buddy John and I got out to ride over our Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

As we headed out I found out John had never been to a certain area of the MN River Valley despite riding by it countless times. We quickly re routed our day and went crawling and exploring. We also had to stop for a little MN River coffee time.


I rode my Surly ICT and John was on his sweet 1st year aluminum Salsa Beargrease. I took some of the bags off from my recent trip but really did nothing else. I will be transforming this into a bit different machine over the next month with a few specific component swaps. Look for a detailed story on that sometime in the next month, but until then here are a few pics of our day.

GNAT_Rivercrawling_ GNAT_Rivercrawling_-5 GNAT_Rivercrawling_-4 GNAT_Rivercrawling_-3 GNAT_Rivercrawling_-2GNAT_Rivercrawling_7

Hope you all got out too!

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