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  • What is a Cycling Photographer?

    What is a Cycling Photographer?

    What is a Cycling Photographer? These 50+ images help define what I believe should be the definition.

  • Fargo Reunion Ride Portraits and Pics

    Fargo Reunion Ride Portraits and Pics

    I had the best of days yesterday. It was my birthday and I had the privilege of spending the day with my three favorite things; my family, my friends and my bicycle. Honestly, it may have been my best birthday ever. So….Let me first share with you a few pics I am excited about. If…



    I’ve been hating Facebook more and more these days, but today it redeemed itself. My friend Guitar Ted posted this image. It’s an image I took many years ago on one of my official, unofficial Fargo Adventure Rides. I later printed an extremely small run of mini prints and shared them with just a few…

  • Souris Valley, ND – My first big Fargo Adventure – 2008

    Souris Valley, ND – My first big Fargo Adventure – 2008

    After the introduction of the Fargo at the GTDRI, I spent some time traveling to both visit family and to also keep testing the Fargo. The bike I was on was still in prototype form and we were still tweaking the bike as it moved to production for introduction to the masses later that fall.…

  • The Introduction – GTDRI 2008

    The Introduction – GTDRI 2008

    It started out with a little bike ride. I had a short tour planned to test out the rig I was riding. I had it loaded up with gear and food. I had planned on camping with some guys on day one, ride the GTDRI and then my wife was driving down with our young…