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  • What is a Cycling Photographer?

    What is a Cycling Photographer?

    What is a Cycling Photographer? These 50+ images help define what I believe should be the definition.

  • 2016 Minnesota State CX

    2016 Minnesota State CX

    Needing some creative shutter therapy, I managed to get out to the 2016 Minnesota State CX race yesterday. While it is a two day event with many more races today, I got out yesterday and shot the SS, the 45 Men, 1-2-3 Women and the 1-2 Men. Wow. What a day. Just like clockwork, MN…

  • Cross Vegas 2015 – A few pics

    Cross Vegas 2015 – A few pics

    Good day folks. It’s been a while. Since I last wrote I’ve traveled to Las Vegas for Interbike 2015. For those new here I HATE Las Vegas. It must be something like 15 trade shows in this dump and it represents most things I hate. Honestly, I think the industry I work in deserves better…

  • All-City Championships Women’s Street Crit

    All-City Championships Women’s Street Crit

    I finally got my sorry butt out and about the city. I’ve been dying to go downtown to ride and shoot. So…When I had the opportunity to go out and shoot the late evening All-City street crit, I took it. I grabbed my Fuji XT1 and the 16mm and 90mm lenses and hit the streets.…

  • Trans Iowa V11 – My Photo Story

    Trans Iowa V11 – My Photo Story

    I mentioned last week that I had a surprise for you. The surprise was that I went down to shoot Trans Iowa. The surprise was that I did not tell my good friend Guitar Ted that I was coming but I had arranged a ride in the official photo vehicle of Wally Killburg and Studio…