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  • Bikes of 2022 – All the others!

    Bikes of 2022 – All the others!

    Recapping my favorite bikes I rode in 2022. Gravel, fat and mountain bikes. I also share a sneak peek at 2023 and a few hints at projects in the works.

  • Bikes of 2022 – The Tumbleweed Stargazer

    Bikes of 2022 – The Tumbleweed Stargazer

    I haven’t done something like this on the blog for a few years. Who really cares what my favorite things and pictures are anyway? But in the spirit of change, developing my voice and challenging myself I am preparing several posts this month about some of my favorite bikes, family moments, experiences and images. Today,…

  • The Mid South Gravel – 2022 Edition

    The Mid South Gravel – 2022 Edition

    Today I am sharing some words and images from the 2022 Mid South gravel bike race & ride. It’s been a few years since I’ve ridden this event. I wish I could entirely blame covid for that but I can’t! I went to Mid South on a mission to ride 1st and take pictures 2nd.…

  • Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes

    Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes

    Finding myself and rekindling my love of bikes. Bikes, bikes and more bikes. Never enough bikes.

  • Krampus Kleaning

    Krampus Kleaning

    I have a couple of friends that think I don’t maintain my bikes. While they may be dirty and occasionally make some noise, they generally work pretty darn well. But….To show them that I do in fact work on my bikes, here are a few pics from spring cleaning. My Krampus needs to be prepared…