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Ice Cream, Coffee and a surprise visitor

What a morning. Brought an Ice Cream Truck home from work. Had to get out to ride it and have some coffee outside  before leaving for Chicago.  What a perfect and blessed morning.



As if it were not perfect enough already, while sitting motionless on a rock taking it all in, this guy decided to join me. 


I call That the trifecta and a perfect morning.

Have a great weekend folks. 

4 responses to “Ice Cream, Coffee and a surprise visitor”

    • Will decide the day I leave. Could be my Krampus too. Looks like You are having an awesome journey. Thanks for the inspiration.

      • Thanks Jason.

        The Krampus is fun, although I am pretty set on having a suspension fork these days and Knards are not my favorite tire, hence my 29 1/2 hardtail Krampus. If only that 29″ Dirt Wizard would ever arrive (preferably in a tubeless compatible variety, or else I’m not interested). I’d grab that Mukluk with the Lefty and ride it everywhere. It has got to be the most fun of the three, no? Fruita trails and some of Kokopelli, is that right?

        The Balkans have been great, especially Montenegro, Albania, and Greece. We’re off to Cape Town, South Africa this week to rewind the summer clock. Enjoy the desert, I’ll pray it doesn’t rain on you. I’d hate to think about a group of fatbikes stuck in the mud.

  1. I hear you on the fork and the Knards. But….I just love the ICT and I think with a few more tweaks it will be desert ready.

    Rain? My last trip on the Kokopelli several years ago had rain. I just kept pedaling. Ended up doing it in one day because it was cold and rainy so why stop.

    Safe travels to South Africa. I am so excited to see your pics from there! Stoked for you and for be (because I can see it through your pics!)

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