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Coffee and Breakfast Outside

I am so pleased that I’ve somehow managed to once again make Friday’s my longer ride days. I’ve been pretty consistent for the past few months on getting out on Fridays, mostly dirt to work through the Minnesota River Valley on my fatbike, but occasionally being a gravel ride in the country on my Fargo. Regardless, it feels so good. I am by no means fit, but consistency is key for me and what I need more than fitness. I need that time for both by body and my mind. It is so good.

One of the other reasons I have been consistent besides fun and because I need to ride is friends. They’ve been joining me and pushing me. This week was no exception. I had originally planned an overnight so I could test all my gear for my upcoming Gnat Desert Ramble, but when folks backed out we decided to just make it a slightly longer morning with trail side coffee and breakfast. It was so perfect on a cool, windy, fall feeling day. The colors weren’t too bad either…..

Our day started in the dark with my friend Joe Meiser leading the way and ended in a casual commute home with a little exploration and a few special treats. Might have been the best day on a bike all year. I am so thankful that this is my commute to work and that I get the support from both family and work to do this type of thing.

GNAT_Dirttowork_October17  GNAT_Dirttowork_October17-7 GNAT_Dirttowork_October17-6 GNAT_Dirttowork_October17-5 GNAT_Dirttowork_October17-4 GNAT_Dirttowork_October17-3 GNAT_Dirttowork_October17-2

It was also my first dirt to work on my new Surly Ice Cream Truck. What a sweet bike. It is a true beast. No first ride is complete with out a little off trail excursion to the car. I take every new build here and shoot it. Here is the ICT’s contribution to that photo collection. (someday I will post a series of my bikes by this car!)


The car is only about a mile from the end of the river bottoms. As I slowly meandered in and around trees back to the trail, I ran upon a bunch of painted rocks around the base of the tree. They were colorful and stood out. I hadn’t noticed them along the trail in the morning so I am thinking that they were placed there just on this day. It was a gift with words of encouragement. I saw them as a gift placed there just for me to remind me of strength, endurance and faith.


A perfect and fitting way to end my ride.

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