I Need More Mornings Like This

Sometimes things work out the way they were supposed to work out.  I had a dirt to work plus coffee ride planned for this AM but due to rain and muddy conditions, I cancelled. Bummer. I later texted my friend Ben and asked him if he had any ideas for a shorter gravel ride as I had to be at work for a meeting and since I wasn’t riding to work, I didn’t have as much time. He texted me back that he had not been to the rock for coffee.  “Whaaaaattttt? Really?”. I can’t believe that. I quickly texted another friend that lives near our starting point and he responded with “I’ll be there.” I had forgotten that after this weekend, he was moving west to a new house and new neighborhood and that this ride to the rock would be his last as a resident. Crazy. It just worked out. A first timer and a last timer.  Perfect.

To say this ride and conditions and morning was anything but perfect is a lie. It was just what I needed too. A few good laughs with friends. A few good hard miles on my bike. A few good sips of good coffee from my favorite cup.  Yes, really, it was that good.

And with that, here are a few pics. I got a few good pics too! Click on any image for slideshow.

Have a great weekend folks! I know we will here.

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