Global Fatbike Day is Everyday!

Saturday was Global Fatbike day and I was pretty stoked to have the day planned riding with my son and my friend John. Riding on the weekends is a treat for me that I often don’t get to enjoy. To make this opportunity even better, I brought a bike home from work for my son to ride. Check it out.


My boy killed it out there. He did come home pretty knackered and told me that it was a lot harder than he had anticipated. The snow was warm and a bit slow, but that bike right there weighs 50% of what he does. I’d be tired too. I am dreaming of a much lighter kid fatbike and after this weekend, I might have an idea beyond just tubeless for taking weight out of this machine.

But…what about the rest of the ride? Well let me show you some pics.








But as if riding one day on the weekend wasn’t good enough, I got to ride Sunday morning with friends. Sweet. There were 4 of us; Mike, John, Marty and I. Marty is a pro photographer so I grabbed my film camera as I knew he’d shoot digi and get some great stuff. I wanted to shoot different and something a bit unique. I did throw my digi camera in as well and snapped a total of 4 shots.  Here they are.





What an awesome weekend on fatbikes. Hope you got out too! Remember, every day is global fatbike day!

2 thoughts on “Global Fatbike Day is Everyday!

    1. Thanks Mike and it certainly was a great time! You’ll have a blast when your kids join you. I am still smiling!

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