Thanks for stopping by. My name is Jason Boucher. I am a lifelong dreamer, artist, husband, father, adventurer, entrepreneur and creator.    

My journey to creating art begin at a very young age. As a young child, my main medium was pencil & paper. I loved drawing. I created my first comic at age nine or ten that ended with a call to my mother from the school given my main character was a drunk. Later, I took an art class from an incredible teacher that exposed me to pottery and painting. That same teacher later taught me photography and printing my first black and white image in 7th grade. Oil painting followed. I took private painting lessons until I was 18 years old. 

In college, I put my creative side away to study.  I also found cycling and the cycling community while working in bike shops here in the Twin Cities.  In my senior year of college, I planned a bike tour from Alaska to Utah.  My creative tendencies began to work their way back into my life and In an effort to both document and eventually try to self publish a book documenting my trip, I ended up taking a college level art class in black & white film photography and printing. This course completely overtook me and consumed me. It was this course that cemented my love of photography. 


Little did I know that this crazy bike tour in the late 90’s would change my life forever. Not only did I make some career changing decision on that adventure, it was this journey that the my two passions of cycling and photography collided. I remember later writing that I never ride my bike without my camera. To this day, this is still true. It is only on rare occasion that I venture outdoors for any reason without my camera. No matter if I am hiking, biking, skiing or on the water, I always have some form of digital or film camera with me.  

As my career and life progressed beyond university, I was fortunate to part of a great movement of brand and bicycling while working at my previous employer, Quality Bicycle Products. I was at QBP for 25+ years and worked on some amazing brands & products with incredible people. My crowning achievement was leading one of QBP brands through a monumental brand shift, bringing adventure to the cycling industry and commercializing the first gravel racing bike. That transformation brought me all over the globe where I met incredible people, documented and shared stories to inspire others. 

Which brings me to today. I needed to leave QBP earlier this year for personal reasons. Many things have changed while many things have stayed the same. I am again creating art with focus and passion. While I am truly still in love with cycling, I have grown to recognize that cycling was my vehicle of choice to be in the outdoors. My love of being outside is actually stronger than my love for cycling. Today, my love of the outdoors gets me out there walking, riding, paddling, and even occasionally running. Photography and adventure are still my true loves and passion.


If you have a question for me or just want to drop me a note to say hello, please email me GNAT at LIVE dot COM.

Thanks again for stopping by.


7 thoughts on “About

    1. David thanks for the comment. I bought a $200 Canon scanner and do it myself. One day in the future I will do my own processing and scan the film negatives myself. Right now I have the film scanned and 4×6 test prints made for scanning at a processing lab. You can also get hi or lo res scans when/if you have the film processed. Have fun and good luck.

  1. Hey, I just wanted to leave a comment. Your article on stevehuff brought me here and wanted to say thanks for the great pictures. Especially the b&w bikepacking related ones are unique. I’m a cyclist and photographer myself and wanted to ask how you carry your camera while riding. I did a 1000 mile ride through france this summer and had the camera in my backpack but it was really a pain in the ass to dig it up every time. I’ve a small rangefinder camera, so I’m not looking for a big bag on my back or chest thats cumbersome while riding. How do you do it?

    1. Michael good day and thanks for the comment. I bet you have some great stories from your France trip!

      Carrying a camera is a common question. Often I carry a small camera in a Revelate Mountain Feedbag. It attaches to the handlebar and stem and was designed for water bottles and food. I put a micro fiber cloth in it and my small camera fits in it. Makes camera instantly accessible while riding or stopped. Not sure if your small rangefinder would fit or not. My Olympus 35RC fits well.

      Thanks again and hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for the quick response, I will order one of these Feedbags for sure. I wasn’t quite sure about the shock resistance of bags attached to bikes, their is a rumor going around that electronic devices get shattered over time, but I will risk that. The trip to France was indeed really great, even though I don’t speak french, I’d highly recommend it!

  2. Hi Gnat, I finally finished my Warbird build and would love to share so pics with you. Not on your blog. Let me know if this is possible.

    1. Julie, good day and congrats on getting your warbird done. I’d love to see it. You can send me pics at: WWW dot GNAT at LIVE dot COM. I hope that makes sense. I can’t put my email in the response as I will get tons of SPAM. Thanks.

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