A morning out in the country

I finally got out for a morning bike ride on Friday AM. It’s been too long. I wanted to get out to catch the sunrise. It did not disappoint.  

I have been so busy that I have not had time to spend any time behind my home computer so all of these images are processed on my phone.  So if they are not up to my standards and are inconsistent that is why.  

As I wrote in my previous post getting out is important to me. It helps keep me grounded and helps me be a better person. The person I want to be. 

No time for more words other than I am thankful for this time and thanks to my buddy John that joined me.  

Hope you all got out too.  Have a great long weekend.  

Coffee on the rock! Love this secret spot.
My new woold Jersey.
This is my version of “To infinity and beyond!”
Go far. Fargo!
So I guess this AM was A.O.K!

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