An It’s Not Winter Yet Gravel Ride

Can’t believe I am writing this, but I got out on a gravel ride today. Usually at this time of year I am fat bike river rambling on snow and ice in the Minnesota River Valley.  Not today. I woke up, saw the fog, had coffee and breakfast and hit the road with my Salsa Cycles Deadwood, unlearnpavement style!

What a ride. One of my best of the year. It had it all. Rain. Ice. Wind. Mud. Gravel.  You name it. So incredibly good. I rode my Salsa Deadwood and while I know the 29+ are overkill, I can’t get over how comfortable this bike is and how it handles. It is truly an incredible machine.

But enough words. Pics below. I hope you got out too.




Hope you all had an incredible Thanksgiving. We sure did here. I am heading into the week filled with both joy and thankfulness. I have a fun adventure later this week too. Stay tuned.

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