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Pictures. Words. Now Routes & GPS Files?!

This past week a new mapping technology came to the market. And while this new website is far more than just a mapping site, this electronic dolt, has been living in the dark ages for some time and ignored everything electronic for my bicycle and avoided anything with GPS, GPX, Garmin, Strava, etc. You see, in my freetime I like to just go ride my bike and take pictures. I like to go explore and get lost. I like to just see where the road takes me.

If you’ve followed me here at the ImagineGnat blog for any length of time, you might say this has treated me well. I’ve gotten along just fine so why in the world do I want to add anything at all to my rides?

The answer is simple. You!

I get so many questions about the route, or my routes. Can you give me your route? Can you tell me the road where this picture was taken? Where on earth is that road? I have an hour, can you give me a gravel route south of town?

Thankfully, now I will be able too because I will be using the blackriver app to capture, map and share all my routes at Not only will I share the routes, but also a few words and some images from the route. It will take some time to capture all my routes using BlackRivers app, but I will do it.  I captured my first route yesterday, the Northfield, MN Valley Grove Church Loop. You can find the route, some pics and some words here.

ImagineGnat’s Northfield Valley Grove Loop

Blackriver isn’t going to be replacing my blog. It will however add to my blog because whenever I post a story of a great ride, I’ll link up the route there and give you all the route info, pics, words, notable landmarks, ice cream & coffee stops, donut shops, etc.

Now…I  have no vested interest in Blackriver. I do however, know the folks behind it and believe in them. Congrats Eric, Tobie and Blackriver team. I’m impressed and thankful for you guys and gals that have brought this to life.  Sincerely, thank you.

But…Here are a few pics from the ride. As always, click on any of them to go to slideshow mode.  If you want to know more about this route, head on over to Blackriver and download the route to your electronic device.

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