Roads like These

It’s been a tough several weeks for me. Thankfully I got out for some good quality me time. Just like old times, I left in the dark seeking some real peace and alone time. Time for the “I”in my Meyer-Briggs. Alone time to process some serious thoughts and to find that energy I needed for the coming days. I got it.

I didn’t stop much. I was working through some stuff. I also needed to get home at a decent hour so I pushed through the soft, wet gravel on this route. I don’t do power meters but I can tell you I put out a lot of energy pushing through the soft soil.

In the end I got what I wanted. A perfect morning on the bike on some of my favorite roads. Roads like these. Click on any image to go to slideshow mode.

Yep, this is one of my favorite routes and as I shared in my last post, I am logging these routes at Go here to see the route and find out a bit more about my route. I call this one the Empire Corn Crib route, named after a corn crib that I am slightly enamored with and have been photographing it for several years.

This ride prepared me for this week. Roads like these do it everytime. I am already looking forward to this coming weekends ride to prep me for the next.

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