Gravel by Sunrise

While I am sitting here drinking coffee and processing images, a large number of my friends are riding Dirty Kanza. There was a brief moment where I was planning to go down there to do photography, be in the community and support my friends. In the end, I decided to stay on the path I am on and take care of myself by riding and shooting followed by being home and present this weekend.

In that vein of staying on the right track and taking care of myself, I got out again on Friday AM for a stunner of a morning. Simply beautiful. Unbelievable in fact. I think it was a gift for making a wise decision.

But as I write this, my friends are suffering and riding from sun up to sun down on the roads of Flint Hills.  While my joyful, shortish morning ride can’t compare to the beauty of the Flint Hills and the personal journeys that will occur today in Emporia, I am there with you all and here is my version of Gravel by Sunrise.


For those riding Kanza, enjoy your special day. For those not riding DK, I sure hope you get out too and feel inspired.

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