Seeing through the layers

So I snuck out on the Fathers’s Day for a sunrise ride. I wanted time in the country. I wanted to see the sunrise. I wanted to not share the road with cars. I wanted peace. I wanted silence.  Thankfully, I got all those things.

As I rode one of my favorite routes, my mind did not feel free. Constant thoughts of work. Constant thoughts of family.  Constant list making.   Like the picture above, what exactly should I be looking at? The clouds? The flowers? The sunrise? How do I see all that through the tall grass?

But as I worked through those thoughts and conflicts, I finally starting seeing again. I finally got to thinking about who I want to be as a father, friend, husband and person. I finally got out of the past and into the future.

As my infrequent at best posting indicates, I have not had enough time in the country on my bike. I so need it.  Today I am thankful that I got it.  Hope all of you find it too when you most need it.

Happy Father’s Day to all those Dads out there!


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