Morning miles and found treasures

Friday morning miles were back in the cards for this week. While I wanted to ride dirt, the monsoon like weather here in the midwest has kept me off the trails quite a bit and with several inches of rain throughout the metro area the previous two days,  all of our local trails were off limits. No worries though right? I have other bikes and off the country I went with my All-City gravel rig.

I intended to do the full route I have in mind for the Fargo Adventure Ride Reunion on Friday October 28th. As Ben and I pulled out of Northfield both of us were a bit apprehensive as it was gloomy and had started to mist. With not quite the right clothing, we set out anyway. We parked in Nerstrand, MN and I hit the Track button on Blackriver to track my route and share for the Fargo ride.

As we rolled out of town on stunningly beautiful roads in a cool morning mist, I had asked Ben to stop so I could fiddle with my camera for a moment. As we were coming to a halt, Ben noticed a small gravel parking lot with a sign for public land and no motorized vehicles. I’ve been down this road about 10 times in my life and Ben had probably been hundreds. Neither of have ever noticed this before. Ben said, “let’s turn around”. Huh…A small lot and a No motorized vehicles signt and what appeared to be two track.

Well, you probably know what occurred next. I shut my blackriver app off and off into this area we went. Wow. Did we find something incredible and yes this will be on my ride in October. While we got wet, bushwacked, and crashed (Only I crashed), we found something truly stunning.

Click on any image below to go to slideshow mode.

After exploring for some time, we headed back. No full recon route today. The full Fargo route is getting revamped. Time for some Nerstrand Meat Market beef sticks and a road side find…….What a morning for finding a couple of new treasures.

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