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  • Bikes of 2022 – All the others!

    Bikes of 2022 – All the others!

    Recapping my favorite bikes I rode in 2022. Gravel, fat and mountain bikes. I also share a sneak peek at 2023 and a few hints at projects in the works.

  • The power of the bicycle

    The power of the bicycle

    This is a quick photo story of last week’s mini Minnesota Ramble. But the ramble is truly secondary to the deeper meaning of this post. This post is about the power of the bicycle. What you can do with it as well as the power it has bringing people and communities together. Over the course…

  • Fragments of my life – In search of light

    Fragments of my life – In search of light

    I was on a shooting high for about 3 weeks. No matter where I looked, I felt I could see a shot in just about everything. Then it all went dark. Nothing. I shut it all down and just went in search of light. I rode my bike. I shot only when I saw something.…

  • 3 Trails – 1 Day

    3 Trails – 1 Day

    I needed a little ride stoke today. I’ve been on a personal high the 1st two weeks and my energy level and output has taken a toll. If I can’t ride, the second best thing for me to do is to go down into my own little creative space in my basement and work on…

  • Goodnight 2015

    Goodnight 2015

    As 2015 comes to an end I share one last shot from 2015.  It’s fitting. It’s sunset on one of the final days. It’s everything I love about being outside; being out in the woods, friend(s), bikes and photography. Thank you all for a great 2015. Here’s to a great 2016.