Up north on film

Just 1 month ago I was up in northern MN riding Salsa Mukluks with friends. When I scanned these images two nights ago I was shocked. Not because of the images themselves, although I do like them quite a lot, but because of the SNOW!  Wow. Just one month ago we were riding in a snowy paradise.  Below are just  a few images from the roll. These were all taken with my Bessa R4A with Cosina Voigtlander 21mm wide angle lens. They were all shot with Portra 400 film.

Tofte Peak with friends
Tofte Peak - Looking south east
Tofte Peak - Looking north
Blue skies ahead!
Ben willing the water to boil faster!
We had the trails to ourselves!

It sure was fun looking back at these and remembering the experience. I’m really digging this film project because I am actually printing pictures. It’s so nice to have actual prints to put in my hand, hang in my cube or whatever.  I know you can do that with digital, but too often they just take up space on a hard drive. Now I have something real that I can put in my hands!

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