A much needed day in the woods

It’s been quiet around here. I know it. I was sick last week and I had two days where I was in bed until about 3:00 in the afternoon. Ugh. Didn’t do much really. Slept. Thought about a lot of things. Slept some more. I did get a post up on my Fuji X 365 story site. Here’s one more shameless plug to check out this project and self imposed challenge. Take a look here.

Finally by Sunday I felt OK and my wife urged me to get outside and get some fresh air in the lungs. Turns out my buddy John got the pass too so we headed out on our fatbikes. We barely have enough snow to call it snow biking. It was a combo of frozen dirt, mud where the trail was directly exposed to the sun, and a bit of snow/ice elsewhere. I’ve been riding my Mukluk lately with studded 45N Dillenger tires. Whoa. Those tires are INCREDIBLE for the conditions we have. Blown away. (yes I know I work for the company that makes them so take my praise as loaded)  I had never tried them before as they are expensive. I traded a fellow employee for them and again, blown away. Love them.

Anyway, here are some pics I rather like from this weekend.

JB_Asundayride-6 JB_Asundayride-5 JB_Asundayride-4 JB_Asundayride-3 JB_Asundayride-2 JB_Asundayride

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