Fragments of my life – In search of light

I was on a shooting high for about 3 weeks. No matter where I looked, I felt I could see a shot in just about everything. Then it all went dark. Nothing. I shut it all down and just went in search of light. I rode my bike. I shot only when I saw something. I didn’t think I was getting much and then I looked at the images. In my chase of light in the wee hours of the morning or dark evening hours, I found light.

I found just what I needed. That’s how it works sometimes.

For my camera geek friends, all images shot with a Fuji X Pro 1 and either the 16mm f1.4 or the 35 f2.

As always, click on any image below to move to slideshow mode. Hope you enjoy the images.


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      1. Thanks Mike!!

  1. Think you found something pretty sweet there, beautiful set of shots.


  2. Wow – such a gorgeous set of photos. Well done.


    1. Thanks Kate!!!


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