3 Trails – 1 Day

I needed a little ride stoke today. I’ve been on a personal high the 1st two weeks and my energy level and output has taken a toll. If I can’t ride, the second best thing for me to do is to go down into my own little creative space in my basement and work on images. Thankfully, I had a memory card I had not processed yet from an incredible day on my bike.

Over the holidays, my buddy John and I planned to take an entire day and just go ride bikes, take pictures, hang out and who knows what else. Given we had a day, we had discussed making a trip to Cuyuna, Levis or Duluth. Big trips. But instead, we decided to keep it mostly local and do some trail networks that we just don’t get too since we live on the south east side of the greater Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area.

Early in the day we loaded our bikes and headed up to Monticello, MN and worked our way back to the cities. We hit Bertram Lakes, Hill Side and Elm Creek. 25+ miles of perfect snowy single track. In between we had coffee and we ended the day with a drink or two near our home. What an incredible and perfect day. Sun up to sun down. Bikes. Friendship. Photography. Perfectly perfect.

Hope you enjoy the pics. They sure picked me up today!

Click on any image below to make bigger and go to slideshow mode


And in the famous words of my good friend John, “less yappin’ and more brappin’!”

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