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Desert Ramble – The Route & Favorite Pics

Before I get started on today, I just want to say thanks to everyone that checked out my postcard and portrait project I posted on Monday. Based on stats, it is the most popular thing I have ever done on my blog. Ever! Wow. Thank you all so much for taking the time to view my little fun project!  

So…the Route?! I have had quite a few people ask me what the route ended up being? It is a great question and honestly, it changed from day 1. Our original intent was to ride from Fruita to Moab with the Kokopelli as the back bone of the trip with a few little side loops. Then in Moab we were going to take all our gear off the bikes and do a day ride. Then we were going to ride back to Fruita and depart.

Well…..Here is what happened. Rain. Bad weather. Mud. 12 hours of cold rain holing us all up in tents or bivys. Hike a bikes. Shorter distances than planned. Lots of photo stops. Incredible views. Not being able to eat my food (Me!). A killer day riding fat mountain bikes in Moab. A two day ATV only loop out of Moab. A shuttle back to Fruita.  Success. All in all we ended up with 6 straight days of riding instead of 7. All in all considering we had 10 people in our group, I think we did just awesome.

So….I could post a lot of pics. I’ve been going through pictures since Monday trying to pic my favorites from the trip. I’ve gone back and forth and ruled images in an out and in and out. I culled it down to 10 of my favorites. These are my favorites, not necessarily my strongest images from a technical perspective. These are images I like and think they tell stories and certainly evoke memories for me. Hope you enjoy them.

GNAT_DesertRamble_top10 GNAT_DesertRamble_top10-10 GNAT_DesertRamble_top10-9 GNAT_DesertRamble_top10-8 GNAT_DesertRamble_top10-7 GNAT_DesertRamble_top10-6 GNAT_DesertRamble_top10-5 GNAT_DesertRamble_top10-3 GNAT_DesertRamble_top10-2

But my favorite picture from the trip is the following.  I just love this shot.


I will likely have one more post on the desert ramble out takes and people. Until then, thanks again for the support and encouragement. Hope these images made you want to get out and ride your bike!

8 responses to “Desert Ramble – The Route & Favorite Pics”

  1. Enjoyed the portrait project (excellent idea!) like many others, great looking photos also above, looks like you ramblers got plenty of rambling. With a group that large it rarely goes as planned, but nice to read you figured it out and kept it together.

    • Thanks Joni. Due to really rough weather early on We knew we would be making adjustments. Knowing early really makes it easier to make on the fly adjustments.

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