Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

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  • What is a Cycling Photographer?

    What is a Cycling Photographer?

    What is a Cycling Photographer? These 50+ images help define what I believe should be the definition.

  • 2021 – My year in photos

    2021 – My year in photos

    It’s that time of year again where many look back and prepare for a new year. I am one of those people. This activity is really hard wired in my brain. I need to look back not only to learn, but to truly put the year to rest and file it away. This year was…

  • Shattered


    I had planned on sharing some of my favorite images from the past few months around a theme of be still. I had edited the photos. Gathered my thoughts. I had every intention of sharing them this week. Then our week was shattered by the wrongful death of George Floyd and the chain of events…

  • Finding Words and Inspiration in this Strange Time

    Finding Words and Inspiration in this Strange Time

    I have been silent here on the blog.  My last post was from January, what now seems like years ago.   Travel?   Hanging out with friends?  Walking a new city?  Eating out?  This past 5 or so weeks at home makes that trip feel like a distant memory. Times sure are different now.  This “Shut In”…

  • Reflections on Seattle

    Reflections on Seattle

    I was fortunate to get to celebrate my friend, and friendships, in Seattle last weekend. It was a short trip arranged by my close friend’s wife.  When asked to go I jumped at the opportunity.  Any time I can garner time and experiences with these two fine fellas is worth any amount of $$ or…