The Ozark Ramble

Just got back from Arkansas where I met some friends near Bentonville &  Fayettville, Arkansas. It was one of those trips for me that had I listened to reason and done the right thing according to society, I would have stayed home. But I did it. I needed it. Sometimes you just gotta do crazy things like get in a car, drive for 10+ hours each way to ride bikes, sit around the campfire and see where it goes. This weekend was simply exceptional and helped refuel my creative soul for who knows how long. Thankful is what comes to mind.

We rode a couple different networks including the new “BACK 40” trails and the infamous “Slaughterpen” near Bentonville.  When we were not riding we were eating great food, sipping incredible coffee, nerding out on gear or simply laughing our asses off around the campfire. Again. Just. What. I. Needed!

Here are a few pics. As you can see, a wide variety of activities and places. As always, click on any image to enlarge and get to slide show mode.

Thank you all. Thanks to my family for supporting me in my stupid but occasionally great ideas.  Until next time my friends.

Oh and for those curious I rode a Salsa Bucksaw and that is the best damn mountain bike I have ever ridden. Braaappp!

4 thoughts on “The Ozark Ramble

    1. thanks Tyler. You are one of the good ones. Thankful for you my friend. Seriously can’t stop smiling and laughing thinking about it.

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