Out and About in Taichung, Taiwan

Recently, I had the great pleasure to spend some time in Taichung, Taiwan. While I was there for work, I spent pretty much every evening walking about. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with co workers and family. I’ve been to this area many times but this time was different. I spent so much more time with my friends, coworkers and their families. I spent time going to their local eateries. Despite being in Taiwan many times in the past 10 years, I spent time in places I have never been.

This trip I simplified my travel camera kit. I’ll write more about that another time, but I only took a 15mm wide angle and a 50mm standard lens. Both manual focus only. No autofocus. This, too, added to my experience.  It gave me less choices and made me work with what I had. Some evenings I would simplify even furthur and leave with only the camera, 1 lens and a battery back up.

I came home from this trip with some experiences I will never forget. This is mainly due to the people. I’ve written before how much I love the people of Taiwan. Again, I came home amazed with the hospitality and the generous spirit of the people. Because of this, I am too close to the images to properly edit. I think some of these images are pretty good even without that personal attachment, while others are moments that I love and represent something meaningful to me.

More importantly, though, is that I came home inspired. Inspired by life. Inspired to simplify. Inspired to focus. Inspired to take care of myself. Inspired to be a peacekeeper. Inspired to be a better husband & father. It really was an impactful trip for me.

And with that, I will get to a few pictures. I’ve got a couple of sets broken up by experiences.  As always, click on any picture to go to the slide viewer.  Hope you enjoy.

The first set I will just title Moments from here to there

This second set is from the Luce Memorial Chapel on the Tunghai University campus. I was enamored with this place. The chapel was designed by the same architect as the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris, France. I loved the design. I love the shapes, angles and how the chapel had a different look from every angle. So much fun. I shot it 3 separate times.  I’m certain that I will shoot in this place many more times in the coming years until I get the shot I want with the lighting I wanted. But here are a few pics.

I will be going back again in the fall, and I already have a few places I want to shoot. For the next trip, I will be bringing a tripod with the intent of shooting some architecture along with either a 28 or 35mm lens for a street shooting. Until next time.


5 thoughts on “Out and About in Taichung, Taiwan

  1. I too travel to Taichung quite a bit for work. i have seen so many of the same street views so many times, but your shots really bring them to life. They also inspire me to take my actual camera with me when i head back in two weeks rather than just my phone camera.
    I will also be checking out the Luce Chapel.

    Thanks for taking the time to post, they really do inspire me.

    May i ask which hotel you stay in? i alternate between Hotel One and Milenium Vee

    1. Thanks Steven. Means a lot to me. Yes take your camera and you should go explore the beautiful, wooded campus where the Luce chapel is located. There is a nice night market as well. In the hotel we actually have an apartment we rent year round for our teams to use. It’s in the Xitun area not far from the Windsor hotel and the Howard prince, both of which I have stayed at prior to getting out apartment. Hope you enjoy your next trip. I will be back in October.

      1. a long way back actually. i started following you back in 2010, not long before the DK200. i actually rode with you some that day. we were at most of the rest stops at the same time. i came home and bought a vaya right after that race.

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