A busy time and 10 days in Taiwan

When I opened up my own site and saw it was over a month ago since my last post I thought “Really? It’s been that long?” Then I remembered the craziness of the last couple of months.  In the past two months I’ve been in Europe, Las Vegas, Chicago and most recently 10 days in Taiwan. If I go to the beginning of August, I can add Seattle and if I add next week I can add Florida.  This is a combination of both personal and professional work related travel. Some might say I’m crazy. Some might say I’m living a full life. Time will tell.

During this time I must be honest and say that cycling has taken a back seat. That’s OK for now, at least that is what I tell myself. I gotta get back on the horse as they say, but I also gotta do what I gotta do. During this time pretty much off the bike, I used my camera for my outlet. Taking photographs is mentally intoxicating for me.  I carried my camera constantly in all these places. I have already shared my Seattle trip, my Europe trip and also my pics from Cross Vegas. I never stop shooting.

This trip to Taiwan was work and I honestly can’t take images of the amazing things I see inside the manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China. I can however, share everything outside of my work. I think some of you might think all I do is play when I travel, but honestly, the camera is my outlet and I share the things that I like to look at and remember when I come home.  Some of these images I think are very good. Others are just snapshots to help tell a story.  Hope you enjoy them and sorry it has been so long.

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