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  • Taichung & Hong Kong

    Taichung & Hong Kong

    Hey folks. Despite not posting for months, I am alive and well.  It’s been months. So much to tell, but no time nor energy to tell it all.  Life has been on warp speed. Both exciting and challenging. To catch you all up, I’ve been traveling some. Riding very little. Shooting images when I can.…

  • Scenes from Taiwan

    Scenes from Taiwan

    As I looked back at my posting schedule I see I missed posting about my recent trip to Taiwan. I LOVE going to Taiwan. I love the sensory overload for me. The sights. The sounds. The scents & smell.  So much to take in. When I go to Taiwan, it is for work and I…

  • Out and About in Taichung, Taiwan

    Out and About in Taichung, Taiwan

    Recently, I had the great pleasure to spend some time in Taichung, Taiwan. While I was there for work, I spent pretty much every evening walking about. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with co workers and family. I’ve been to this area many times but this time was different. I spent so much more time with my…

  • A busy time and 10 days in Taiwan

    A busy time and 10 days in Taiwan

    When I opened up my own site and saw it was over a month ago since my last post I thought “Really? It’s been that long?” Then I remembered the craziness of the last couple of months.  In the past two months I’ve been in Europe, Las Vegas, Chicago and most recently 10 days in…