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  • The Ozark Ramble

    The Ozark Ramble

    Just got back from Arkansas where I met some friends near Bentonville &  Fayettville, Arkansas. It was one of those trips for me that had I listened to reason and done the right thing according to society, I would have stayed home. But I did it. I needed it. Sometimes you just gotta do crazy…

  • Fargo Reunion Ride Portraits and Pics

    Fargo Reunion Ride Portraits and Pics

    I had the best of days yesterday. It was my birthday and I had the privilege of spending the day with my three favorite things; my family, my friends and my bicycle. Honestly, it may have been my best birthday ever. So….Let me first share with you a few pics I am excited about. If…

  • My SaddleDrive 2016

    My SaddleDrive 2016

    Every year around this time, the company I work for (QBP) holds it’s annual event called SaddleDrive. It’s this event every year where many of the brands I work with, and for, launch their new products. If you landed here thinking you’d see all the latest and greatest new products I am sorry to let…

  • 4th of July Back Yard Portraits

    4th of July Back Yard Portraits

    For the first time that I can remember, we are not running all over the place to soccer or other kid related event(s). Instead, we have been home for 3 straight days with good friends in town from Colorado. It has been joyous. Last evening we spent the evening in the back yard. Perfect temperature,…

  • A Day In the Country

    A Day In the Country

    I have hit 4 straight weeks of riding early Friday AM. Honestly, since I changed jobs 3 years ago, that is a record. Sad but true. On this day it was glorious. Perfect. Beyond my expectation. Just me, my bike, my friend and the country. We also did the Rawland route in Goodhue County. It…