Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

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  • 2023 Framework – Photography

    2023 Framework – Photography

    Photography is my passion. My aim in 2023 is to continue to keep it fun and focus on my storytelling. Here are 50 images shared on Imaginegnat from the past 10 years that make me smile and point to the feeling I intend to focus on in 2023.

  • Hard Reset. New Goals.

    Hard Reset. New Goals.

    As the days get shorter and darkness comes earlier, it’s time to review progress, reset and re-imagine my goals and plans. Focus and big dreams lie ahead.

  • Sunny So Cal – Learning, Processing & Intuition

    Sunny So Cal – Learning, Processing & Intuition

    ast week I journeyed to sunny, Southern California. I was on a bit of a personal journey. I went for a hands on class to learn some new skills. Honestly, I didn’t fully know the purpose of this journey other than I knew I needed to do it. In the end, I came home to…

  • 2022 – Fresh Start. New Beginnings.

    2022 – Fresh Start. New Beginnings.

    It’s time to start moving forward and kick off my new venture. Check out what I am up too. View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

  • 2021 – My year in photos

    2021 – My year in photos

    It’s that time of year again where many look back and prepare for a new year. I am one of those people. This activity is really hard wired in my brain. I need to look back not only to learn, but to truly put the year to rest and file it away. This year was…

  • The Great Catch Up Post of 2019

    The Great Catch Up Post of 2019

    It’s been a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time coming, but I am finally taking a moment to catch up on the gnat blog and fill you all in on what has been happening.  As much as things change, some things stay the same.  My spring and summer has been filled with bikes, family and photography. As I look…

  • And Just Like That….It’s Gone!

    And Just Like That….It’s Gone!

    After writing “A Good Start and a Focused Month”, my creativity and vision just disappeared. Just like the bird in the opening picture, in an instant it disappeared.  In all honesty, I pretty much set the camera down and tried my best to just get out side and enjoy life.  I knew it would come…

  • A Good Start and a Focused Month

    A Good Start and a Focused Month

    As I wrote in my last post, January 2018 started out in a blur. I am one of those folks that really love to take December to think and January to kick off the new year. I like resolutions that give me direction. I like the challenge. This year, my resolutions are a bit private…

  • End Of Year River Ramble – Year End Reflections

    End Of Year River Ramble – Year End Reflections

    One last post for the year!  It’s been a good one. Really good in fact. Lots of positive changes for me personally and professionally. Yesterday while out in the cold, winter wonderland I took some time to think about the year and look forward. The greatest non family focused memory for me this year was…

  • My 2017 Photo Year in Review –

    My 2017 Photo Year in Review –

    I usually take the month of December to reflect and think about the year as well as plan for the coming year. While that is historically true, I spent much of November in that head space and am hitting the ground running in December. I almost feel like it is a new year. I have…