Up North – Winter 2012

A little over a year ago, some friends and I went up to northern Minnesota for a little fatbike trip. Upon returning, I said I wanted to back with more folks around the same time the following year and a plan was hatched. The plan was to head to Minnesota’s North Shore and ride fatbikes with friends. I was hoping that some of my friends new to fatbiking would come so that they could experience all we had to offer here in MN. In the beginning, I had lots of folks interested. I thought I’d end up with a group of 15 or more. As the trip neared, the number fell quickly. Lot’s going on. Changes in plans and work. No snow. Lot’s of changes. I was worried at one point that it would just be me and my friend from California as he’d booked tickets. Thankfully, northern MN got socked with snow and added some excitement. The trip ended up being four folks; Ben, Matt, Errin and myself.  We also met up with Tim and Charlie in Duluth, MN for a day of fun.

This wasn’t intended to be a test of survival nor a testosterone filled fatbike training death camp. Nope, it was to be fun, scenic, challenging and photogenic. I think it provided all that and more. Thanks to Matt, Tim, Charlie, Ben, Errin and all our spouses for supporting this man trip to the north woods of MN. It was just what I needed and a lot of fun.

So…I’ve written about all these days already. This post today is to put a placeholder on my website for this trip.  Below are a single picture representing the day as well as links to the full write up and images.

Pushing on. Charlie brought his golf visor in case we didn’t ride bikes.

Up North – Ride #1

This is the view I wanted all to experience, Tofte Peak.

Up North – Ride #2

Errin motoring along!

Up North – Ride #3

Ice curtain – We stopped at Gooseberry Falls on the drive back to Minneapolis and explored the frozen falls.

Up North – Random Moments

Errin – All smiles on the shore in Duluth, MN

Portraits from Up North

Winter Wonderland – MN’s North Shore

Up North – Shot on film

It was an incredible time. We are already planning next year. However, at this point it time, it does not look like it will be fatbiking in the cold. Nope. Right now we are talking fatbiking in Death Valley, CA. I can’t wait!

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