Up North – Ride #3

I finally am getting my images and thoughts processed from this past week up north riding fatbikes (Salsa Mukluks) with friends.  It was an incredible time. I usually do recaps and stories in chronological order, but this time I’m just doing them as they come to mind. I’m starting with ride #3 simply because it is the one most present in my mind. It was perfect in every way. The town Sheriff stopped us at the beginning to ask us about our bikes. Blue sky. Stunning scenery. Friends. Warmth in the sunlight. Yes there was BRUTAL climbing out of Grand Marais, MN but there was also a 30 MPH snow decent that made us laugh like little kids. It seemed to go on forever.  Our day ended saying good bye to Matt, pizza at Sven & Ole’s and a sunset on Artist’s Point. Perfectly perfect.

Here are a few pictures from my pocket camera. I hope you don’t mind the harsh image processing, but as I mentioned yesterday, I wasn’t too pleased with what I captured. Part of that was the fact that I messed up my camera settings and didn’t catch it all weekend. This forced me to process these a little harsh in terms of noise and color. In the end though, I think they do a pretty good job of conveying the day. So with that, here is Ride #3. Hope you enjoy.

Salsa Mukluk Ti-My bike of choice for the week
Perfect conditions ruled the day
We found big, big country to explore (This is my favorite picture of the day)
Which way do we go?!
Crossing Devil Track lake
MG making friends with the snow machines
Errin motoring along
My final shot of the day.

OK…More to come. I’ve still got ride #1, #2, a hike and some random thoughts to write about. Stay tuned.

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