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Up North – Ride #2

When I set this fatbike vacation and trip up, I had a specific goal, or shall I say experience, in mind. That being provide a big, big day of riding, a trip up to Carlton Peak & Tofte Peak, a trailside cook out and a ride back to our base camp cabin. I wanted to end the day feeling really great about our effort, but also pretty tired with a sense of accomplishment. Pretty simple recipe for a big day on our Mukluks. In the end, it proved to be 7+ hours or riding and pushing, but I think it was worth it and I accomplished what I set out to provide.

For today’s photo treatment, I bring to you Lomographic Redscale 100. It is a film treatment in DxO Filmpack. I downloaded a trial version recently and need to get some experimentation in before my trial period runs out. I didn’t do much to these other than slightly reduce the grain and contrast. I liked the overall feel it gave the images. Hope you enjoy. Here’s our Up North – Ride #2.

Sunrise at base camp. Clear skies meant one thing, a push for the peak.

The day started with a powerline session before heading up into the big country

This awesome lady passed us and came back to get our photo. The world needs more people like this woman.

Things went up for a while. Lots of pushing (except for MG!).

This is the view I wanted all to experience, Tofte Peak looking out over beautiful Lake Superior.

Our bodies needed food and warmth. My 20 year old stove took a while but warmed our tummies.

Errin getting ready to take in some calories and warmth.

Heading home. It was a long day at 7+ hours, but much like this little tree, we survived to see another day.

All in all, we had 3 incredible days of riding fatbikes up north. Next up, random stuff, sight seeing and hiking. I’ll also share on Friday what I believe is one of the best photos I’ve ever taken. Stay tuned.

3 comments on “Up North – Ride #2

  1. Fonk says:

    I love the pic atop Tofte Peak. I imagine that view must have made all that climbing well worth it.

  2. Hi Gnat, I know really well that feeling that you have a really great bunch of photos “in the can”, then you get them processed, and you excitedly start looking through them, and…… they’re really disappointing!!

    But then in your disappointment you put them aside and sleep on them for a few days… and you start to get over the disappointment… and you get them back out again… and suddenly somehow they don’t seem so bad after all.

    Your photos all look great to me Gnat. They really capture for me what exploring in that cold is all about.

    So I can’t wait to see your best ever tomorrow! Bring it on.

    Martin / The Old man.

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