My 2012 Film Project – February

I know it is mid March but I just got around to scanning my film from February. I made it a second month. I have to be honest, it wasn’t easy this past month as I struggled a bit not with film, but with my photographic mojo. It just wasn’t happening for me.  I had a few bursts of creativity, but I just didn’t have “IT”.

After two months I am very pleased with how this project is working. It is slowing me down a bit. It is making me think more. I love the feel of the images more than anything. While I can get close to replicating film with digital processing, it just isn’t the same. Some may argue, but at least on my images, it seems obvious that I can’t replicate them.

An unexpected result thus far is that I find myself not only fiddling with the settings on my digital camera more, I find that I am taking the time to put my digital camera away with the proper settings I like and want. To often in the past I have grabbed my digital camera, turned it on and started shooting only to find that I had some stupid setting from my previous time shooting. I still make mistakes, like my trip up north where I shot medium size jpeg images all week, but honestly I have been making less mistakes digitally.

So here are a few shots from February. I only shot one roll in the entire month. It was TriX 400 pushed to 800. Hope you enjoy the pics.

So that is it for February installment for My 2012 Film Project. I’m excited to share some March images already as I’ve shot a couple rolls so far. Look for some Portra 400 images next month!

4 thoughts on “My 2012 Film Project – February

    1. Right now I am having it processed and scanning film locally. Long term, assuming I keep shooting film I will relearn and process myself.

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