Portraits from up North

We made it back to Minneapolis from the great white north. Awesome time on fatbikes. Great friends. Amazing scenery. Lot’s of stories to tell. I’ll get to that. Today I’ll share just a few portraits. I’m working on my portraits and I’ve found a combo of camera and lens I really like. I’ll tell you about it soon, but it’s something old and gives me awesome files with an lovely feel. As you can see from the smiles, we had a blast.

Errin – Frontage Roads & Fatbike in the City

Ben – Milltown Cycles

Matt – The Dirtblog

I’ll be back with more stories and pics as soon as I get my images processes. I think I got some great stuff.

3 thoughts on “Portraits from up North

    1. That is an awesome link Paul. I don’t get much time anymore over there. Thank you. Thanks for the kind words too. Those little things keep me going.

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