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  • Summer ’17 – Photo Dump

    Summer ’17 – Photo Dump

    I know it’s been a ghost town here at Today, someone I share a common love of photography with asked me if I was still shooting and still planning to maintain my blog as he had checked back weekly for over a month without updates. Sorry folks. I am good but I have been…

  • The Ozark Ramble

    The Ozark Ramble

    Just got back from Arkansas where I met some friends near Bentonville &  Fayettville, Arkansas. It was one of those trips for me that had I listened to reason and done the right thing according to society, I would have stayed home. But I did it. I needed it. Sometimes you just gotta do crazy…

  • Dirt + Burgers

    Dirt + Burgers

    It’s a boy weekend here at the Gnat household and we took advantage of it.  Early coffee, Xbox, riding mountain bikes followed by burgers.  Topping off the evening with pizza, popcorn and a movie. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Hope you all are having a great weekend too. What will our tomorrow bring? 

  • Birthday ride

    Birthday ride

    As I posted yesterday, it was our twins’ birthday. This whole weekend really ended up being their birthday. On the rare Saturday where my boy doesn’t have some activity, we found ourselves out riding. Who am I to deny when my boy asks “Can we go mountain biking?”  Yes we can. Yes we can. Our…

  • Riding with my daughter

    Riding with my daughter

    This past few weeks have been amazing for me and for my family. Our schedule has been just slightly less than full tilt. I’ve been riding and preparing my gear for my fall fatbike tour. I’ve also been riding with my kids. This past week was also mountain bike camp/school for my kids. They spent…