Birthday ride

As I posted yesterday, it was our twins’ birthday. This whole weekend really ended up being their birthday. On the rare Saturday where my boy doesn’t have some activity, we found ourselves out riding. Who am I to deny when my boy asks “Can we go mountain biking?”  Yes we can. Yes we can.

Our local trails were closed for some overnight rain (they opened about 1:00) so we decided to head down to the sandy Minnesota River Valley where it is usually OK to ride almost regardless of weather. We entered at the Sibley House in Saint Paul, MN. I like this end because it is basically two track and my boy and I could ride two up. We had a blast chatting about things. It was a special gift.

We had no grand plans of big miles. We just wanted to get out and enjoy the time and the trails together. We also decided to celebrate with some hot chocolate given it was quite cold and damp. The hot chocolate just seemed like the right thing to do…

Lastly, before pics, I was pleased we ran into some good folks that took our picture. I don’t have many pictures of my boy and I together as I am always the one taking the pictures, so again, I consider this a special birthday gift.

I will take this whenever I can get it. I can’t even begin to tell you how great it is to ride with your children. I know I won’t forget this day for many years to come.

GNAT_Birthdayride_Nathan12 GNAT_Birthdayride_Nathan12-8 GNAT_Birthdayride_Nathan12-7 GNAT_Birthdayride_Nathan12-6 GNAT_Birthdayride_Nathan12-5 GNAT_Birthdayride_Nathan12-4 GNAT_Birthdayride_Nathan12-3 GNAT_Birthdayride_Nathan12-2

2 thoughts on “Birthday ride

  1. Nice post and pictures. I recently found your blog and Tumblr by way of something on Bunyan Velo. Nice work all around. Riding with the kids is the best. I have 6 year old twins and my favorite ride(s) of the week is when they ask to go out on the Burley Piccolo and cruise around town. They like it so much, their individual (single bike) riding skills are a little lacking. Cannot wait to get my son into the woods on a bike.

    1. Thanks Robert and congrats on having twins too. Won’t be long and you will be in the woods riding singletrack. Its an amazing gift.

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