Riding with my daughter

This past few weeks have been amazing for me and for my family. Our schedule has been just slightly less than full tilt. I’ve been riding and preparing my gear for my fall fatbike tour. I’ve also been riding with my kids. This past week was also mountain bike camp/school for my kids. They spent the week riding and learning skills. It was really good for my kids and honestly, they learned some specific skills that I have overlooked or not been able to properly teach them.

My daughter capped the 5 straight days of riding at Lebanon Hills with a day at Murphy with dad. We hit every trail out there. I could tell riding with her that she was more confident and through soccer and cross country has gotten much stronger on the bike. It was so amazing seeing her rip through the woods and I was thankful that she was sharing those moments with me.  Here are a few pics from the day.

Gnat_Natalie_SummerPortraits Gnat_Natalie_SummerPortraits-3 Gnat_Natalie_SummerPortraits-2

I love that my kids are finding cycling on their own without me pushing them into it. It’s been a true joy this past few weeks riding trails with my kids.

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