A lotta Friday Ride Stoke

My friend John told me last night that he needed a little Friday Ride Stoke to kick this coming week off. So….Given I am in the mountains today I figured I’d share more than one ride stoke from Utah. How about a lotta Friday Ride Stoke? I took these images over the last couple of years.  Ride Stoke On!

Gnat_UtahFRS_12 Gnat_UtahFRS_11 Gnat_UtahFRS_10 Gnat_UtahFRS_9 Gnat_UtahFRS_8 Gnat_UtahFRS_7 Gnat_UtahFRS_6 Gnat_UtahFRS_5 Gnat_UtahFRS_4 Gnat_UtahFRS_3 Gnat_UtahFRS_2

There you go. More to come from Utah in the coming days……

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