Summer ’17 – Photo Dump

I know it’s been a ghost town here at Today, someone I share a common love of photography with asked me if I was still shooting and still planning to maintain my blog as he had checked back weekly for over a month without updates. Sorry folks. I am good but I have been BUSY!

My days have been filled mostly with cherishing moments with my kids and family. I have been riding quite a bit of mtn bike with my son, traveling to soccer games & tournaments and taking time for family.

I have also been really thinking about both bikes and photography. What they mean to me? How they go hand in hand to keep me energized and inspired? Why do I photograph and what is the purpose behind it. My thoughts continue to be to simplify, enjoy what I have now and be in the present.  Some serious stuff I know!

But in the end I really just ride bikes, take pictures, love my family and share because I continue to find value in organizing some thoughts and sharing them so that is what I am going to do today.  One big photo dump showing you all what I’ve been up too and prove I still know how to use the gear I own.

Click on any image to go to slideshow mode.  Enjoy!

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