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  • 3 Trails – 1 Day

    3 Trails – 1 Day

    I needed a little ride stoke today. I’ve been on a personal high the 1st two weeks and my energy level and output has taken a toll. If I can’t ride, the second best thing for me to do is to go down into my own little creative space in my basement and work on…

  • Goodnight 2015

    Goodnight 2015

    As 2015 comes to an end I share one last shot from 2015.  It’s fitting. It’s sunset on one of the final days. It’s everything I love about being outside; being out in the woods, friend(s), bikes and photography. Thank you all for a great 2015. Here’s to a great 2016.  

  • Fragments of my Life – December 2015

    Fragments of my Life – December 2015

    I am making one final post and push for December 2015. December has been a high note for me both personally and photographically. I’ve also prioritized riding and I’ve been getting out more. The result? More photos and an overall positive end to the year. My web metrics don’t lie either, with my newfound vision…

  • A Restart

    A Restart

    This past weekend I left town with a few incredible people with the intent of riding, shooting and laughing. I needed it. What for you ask? To reset….Or to Restart. Let me explain. I have let life get the best of me this year. I lived up to my work hard play hard mantra but…

  • Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure

    Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure

    Last evening was the Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure. It’s the second night of adventure organized on by Lucas of Bunyan Velo and hosted by Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee. It was an incredible evening of cured meats from Red Table, beer from Lake Monster Brewing, and music by Ben Weaver. Several speakers came into…

  • Why am I here?

    Why am I here?

    I think at least everyone that somehow landed here at my little place on this digital planet has asked themselves at least once “Why am I here?” I think deep down it is what keeps those folks curious. Why? I know I’ve been asking lately. To my surprise last Sunday’s sermon was about “why? and…

  • OC/OL/OY….OB?


    I took that photo in 2009 with a  Panaonic GF1 with 20mm f1.7 lens.  This set up still almost meets the criteria I outline later in this post. There is a challenge floating around the internet in the photographic art community right now. The challenge is one camera, one lens, for one year (OC/OL/OY) For…

  • Weird Winter Day

    Weird Winter Day

    I woke up this AM and walked the dog. It was wet. It was foggy. It was 50+ degrees in December. That is unheard of here in MN. I had planned a ride after church and after finishing some Christmas shopping up. I was really excited to get out today. At Church the message was…

  • Pizzeria Locale – Boulder, CO

    Pizzeria Locale – Boulder, CO

    OK….I keep trying to work on my cross racing pics from both Cross Vegas and from Boulder CX. However…..I keep running into food pictures and get distracted. Geepers this was a good trip. So in an effort to free my mind of great food and good times with friends, I am going to post a…

  • 4 in a row

    4 in a row

    Last Friday marked my 4th straight Friday dirt to work through the Minnesota River Valley. Dirt to work Fridays give me 40 miles of fatbike riding through the sandy singletrack of the valley. If you are keeping track, you know that my riding has been inconsistent at best. The fact that I made 4 in…