Why am I here?


I think at least everyone that somehow landed here at my little place on this digital planet has asked themselves at least once “Why am I here?” I think deep down it is what keeps those folks curious. Why? I know I’ve been asking lately. To my surprise last Sunday’s sermon was about “why? and “how to live your life with purpose?”

I don’t want to get into a religious debate here and I will move along quickly, but it hit me. Hit me hard. The three main talking points about why and a little bit about the how you find out why were.

  1. Know Jesus
  2. Serve others
  3. Be you

I don’t always write sermon notes down because I don’t honestly hear the messages all the time. My mind is always racing and thinking and in some ways I am a bit ADD in my thoughts while at Church. I am not proud of it, but I am truthful. But this one stuck with me.  You see, right before Church I receive a message from a friend and a business partner in my work about how I did something and ruined something. I don’t want to go into more detail than that. I was bummed. This thing I ruined I poured my heart into it. I hated hearing I ruined it. It had me distracted and this coupled with the sermon about Why got me focused on thinking about why am I here?

I wrote down a few things about why I think I am here.

  1. To Inspire others with my gifts and my passion
  2. To serve and love others
  3. To be a great father & show the world that marriage is great

So I am trying to live these out this week. I’ve been mostly successful. But in all honestly reached a point of exhaustion today. Writing this stuff down to share has helped me remember what is important. Thankfully I get to ride my Krampus in the morning followed by a weekend soccer tournament with my incredible wife and kids.

So…Thanks for letting me share. Now go and get out there and see what this world has to offer? I know I intend too.  I am continually amazed at the beauty that is there if you go looking for it. I’ve got a surprise up my sleeve as well that I’ll share in a few weeks that I hope inspires folks.


5 thoughts on “Why am I here?

  1. Thanks for sharing Jason! I have to agree with you. Life is all about:
    – Sharing your God given talents
    – Serving others
    – Focusing on family

    Keep inspiring!

    Derek @ interpedalers

  2. Jason, I always enjoy viewing the wonderful images you share and it’s a special treat when you add your thoughts in words. Keep up the good work! doc

  3. I’ve been bounced there and now here while I was looking for tips & tricks for the Yashica T5.
    Yay, I was an avid MTB rider in the past, now converted into an avid hiker.

    Be happy.


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