Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure

Last evening was the Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure. It’s the second night of adventure organized on by Lucas of Bunyan Velo and hosted by Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee.


It was an incredible evening of cured meats from Red Table, beer from Lake Monster Brewing, and music by Ben Weaver. Several speakers came into share their bike related adventures ranging from touring in Mongolia to overnighters out your back door.  Presenters shared words, findings, moments and images from their own personal adventures. I left inspired by each and everyone one of them.


Frankly speaking, this type of community gathering could be happening everywhere across the country in fine bikes shops because people do amazing things and part of building a community. Bikes shops could be the central place for banding people together by sharing these experiences.

Cured meats and fine cheese from Red Table Meat
Good friends filled the room
Cass telling people about Mongolian Wrestling
Good People. Good beer. Good times.
Horse racing in Mongolia.
Bikes and good people
Angry Catfish – Thank you for hosting!

What an icredible night and I left inspired and dreaming of another trip.  I can’t wait until the next evening of adventure. Maybe sometime I’ll get to share one of my onw adventures at one of these nights too.


5 thoughts on “Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure

      1. I think you are right Jason. Lots of “new” roads to share with you next time you are out here.

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