Friday Morning River Ramble

I finally got out to the Minnesota River Valley. I’ve been itching for some longer time in the saddle. I knew due to the flooding over the past couple of months that the river bottoms would be muddy, sandy and filled with debris. I got exactly what I planned for and hoped for. It was an incredible day.

John and I put in the Sibley house and worked our way down the river. No super fast pace or anything. Just a lot of fun, meandering, bunny hopping, stick bashing and a bit of walking. For all my friends that like to get out and explore on a fatbike, it is absolutely golden down there right now. We had perfect weather and golden light. Truly an incredible day and memory.


GNAT_Riverramble_080114 GNAT_Riverramble_080114-7 GNAT_Riverramble_080114-6 GNAT_Riverramble_080114-4 GNAT_Riverramble_080114-3 GNAT_Riverramble_080114-2

I also left the day with my favorite shot of the year. I shared this in my previous post, but here is another angle and viewpoint. I love this one too!


Wow, what a day! I can’t wait to get out again.

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