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This past week has been a revelation for me. Despite being a solo dad for almost a week while my wife was in London, I somehow had one of the best weeks of riding that I can remember. Even though schedules were a bit crazy, I found time to do what I love. Dang it riding bikes feels good and makes me happy.

I also changed up my shooting style quite a bit. I have once again embraced a more deliberate style of shooting. I wrote a friend in New Zealand last week and I wrote “intentionally involved” in the shooting. I’ve been shooting full manual including manual focus. I’ve been shooting old glass that is void of motor drives and gives classic renderings. I’ve been only taking the camera out when I see something as opposed to trying to create something. Again, a revelation.

So here is my encouragement to do what you love and think about slowing down a bit and being intentional about what you shoot. Here are a few moments from my past week of riding.

GNAT_Leica_Trail GNAT_Leica_Nathan GNAT_Leica_Nathan_Blur GNAT_Leica_Nathan_Baloon GNAT_Leica_Nathan_2 GNAT_Leica_Koski GNAT_Leica_Car

Make those moments count. Enjoy your Sunday and your week.

One comment on “Ride more….Shoot less!

  1. I bought myself a small compact camera which I now carry round with my on my bike rides – I used to carry my dslr kit, but that was just nuts. I’m now able to explore my area without the guilt of returning without taking a picture after taking my gear with me but can still take a picture or two if I feel like it. (if that makes sense).

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